M2C innovation Ltd originally started life as a supply chain specialist sourcing products from all round the world and putting manufacturers in connection with Suppliers, M2C actually means manufacturer to customer however over the years we have worked so closely with certain companies that we have ended up owning them!

With a network of sourcing partners throughout Europe and the Far East we are able to source and supply products that enable customers to compete in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

We can offer a service from conceptual design right through to full production and are currently working with a number of designers to bring their dreams of products into reality. This is only the start though for many people as they have no network to then sell these products so M2C either bring these products to market for them via a number of our online retail platforms or look for distribution partners in those areas we don’t currently operate in.

We continue to bring products to market under the BlackRock Brand which is a M2C Innovation owned trade mark; Products under this brand include tents, Sleeping bags, folding stadium seats, ceramic knives, arm wallets and many more. BlackRock has come to represent a brand associated with quality and competitive pricing.

In addition to Blackrock we have PowerUp our brand for universal mobile phone charges , POD  a revolutionary new concept in social camping which allows customers to interlink tents together to create their own camping set up. POD’s trademark is now protected in the UK, the 28 member states of Europe , China & America.

The POD design is also a protected design in the UK , Europe and China & American.

The latest addition to our ever growing base of brands is Funky Monkey , This brand has just launched a funky cool range of A frame tents with stand out designs aimed at those people who want something a little bit different in life rather than the hum drum blue or green tents that often fill the fields.

We are constantly looking for new products and companies to work with and maybe even buy!  so if you’re an online retailer who needs help sourcing products or a designer who has an idea but no way of manufacturing the product or finding retail avenues then we’d love to hear from you.

As well as offering out own products we also offer product representation /distribution deals and have recently been awarded the UK distribution rights for the ” Smuggle Your Booze” range of products  so if you feel your product might fit our product portfolio or are looking for someone to represent your brand in the UK then give us a call or drop is an email.