M2C Innovation appointed UK partner for Smuggle Your Booze brand

M2C Innovation have been appointed as the UK distribution partner for the Smuggle your booze range of products, this brilliant range does exactly what it says on the tin and is a range of products designed to conceal booze.

If you are fed up of paying high drinks prices on a night out or at a  festival , pool party , on board cruise or  in a nightclub then you’ve come to the right place. With the smuggle your booze range we’ve got you covered with the Tampon Tubes , Umbrella Flask , Sun Cream Flask , Hairbrush Flask , Boobie Bags you can conceal your drinks right under peoples noses without them having a clue.

Say goodbye to high priced bar prices , when you become a smuggler they are a thing of the past so jump on board and get smuggling your booze.

As well as looking for retail partners the brand will also be offered via www.smuggleyourbooze.co.uk and across our group sites